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Villa Kanti Bali Bliss Retreat 2017 by Claire Delaney

Well, who would have thought that 3 years ago I would go to Bali on my own for a holiday and return the following year, facilitating a retreat for five women.
This was the beginning of “The Bali Bliss Trip “, a whole new chapter in my life. The start of something quite beautiful that would change my whole life!
In order for this to happen, I had to face a few fears, step outside of my comfort zone, find my courage, step into my own power, TRUST and JUST DO IT !!

It is amazing what happens when you surrender and say to yourself ” Lets do this ” ! Its as if the whole Universe is clapping in acknowledgement and admiration
and opens all the doors for you, so that you can flow with ease from one stage to the next. When you are on the right path and in alignment with your ” purpose”,
you truly know it , as the flow is effortless. This was what I found with The Bali Bliss Trip. The whole process from building a website, finding the perfect villa,
reliable drivers, everything was easy and after five retreats, it remains that way. Everything naturally flows with ease and I am constantly reminded that I am
being guided by the Universe. Let me tell you, its a beautiful feeling !

During the process of the last two years and having just completed my fifth retreat, I have met the most incredible women. They have taught me so much and I am
truly blessed to call them my friends. I have the pleasure of sitting back to watch the beautiful connections and friendships that have been formed on my retreats.
A lovely woman, Claire Delaney, who is a very talented artist, whilst on my retreat in October 2017, wrote two pieces of writing, completely from the heart.

They capture beautifully her and( even my own feelings of my retreat). Her words touched me deeply and I want to share them with you here.  I can’t begin to explain what a privilege it is to do what I do.

Thank you to all the women that continue to journey with me to Bali.  You all show up, open up, share and allow the magic of Bali to filter through you.
I love you all xx


Bali Bliss trip 2017, by Claire Delaney:

Claire Delaney, Writer, the Bali Bliss Retreat with renewu.nz

Friday October 20th Villa Kanti 6.30am Bali.

I need to wander to “WONDER!”

To leave home to come back to me.

To stop work …. to really start work.

How do I tell you how it is here? How do I explain this deep connection back to


How do I describe the way the sunlight creeps through the jungle? The spaces between the greenest leaves, the layers of plants.

Reds and greens, browns and golds. The height of the bamboo.

The sky touching palm trees. Reaching their sharp pointed leaves like fingers to the sun.

We grow, they seem to say. We stretch, we take our space here in paradise.

We reach higher than you would expect, overlapping and touching one another in perfect harmony.

Enhancing the light as our palm fingers make lattice patterns. We are one, we are together.

Just like us. This group of women. Connected forever now. In this moment.

Knowing that each one us will carry a little of the other in our woven tapestries of life.

Something inside of us said “Yes!” Something inside of us said “Why not?” and Claire Goad

with a heart larger than seems possible and arms that wrap round each one of us, steps up and says

“Yes”. “I will hold you in this sacred space because I am so full of love, it overspills” and we in return with

shining eyes nod and know we are love too.




Monday 23rd October 6am ish Villa Kanti Bali Bliss 2017.

By Claire Delaney:

Claire Delaney, Writer, the Bali Bliss Retreat with renewu.nz






























It would seem I am in the company of angels. Ordinary extraordinary angels. I am not even sure they know they are angels.

I woke this morning with little tremors of excitement to greet my day. No coaxing out of bed here. No heavy heart of

another day of duties, no bleary eyed peering at my phone, searching for connections.

The joy crept in. I asked to see once more as a child does. I took myself away from all that I knew. Flew over the

clouds to a land where people smile with their souls. These angels who fill my ears with chattering enthusiasm.

Arms so ready to embrace. Hearts overflowing with love and fun. Reminding me of this kind of laughter, this immense freedom.

To let go. To let love in. These angels literally “rocked” my world … well maybe just the car, as we sang badly, loudly, with joy,

with squeals, with air guitars and the fun-loving “sweet child of mine” driver joined in with vigour we would never

have imagined from his usual quiet demeanour.

Now I hear the morning song of cicadas, chirping geckos, distant bells. The sound of running water and the angels

beginning their days. Greeting each other with warmth.

I see golden wings on each of them. Not heavy but light and strong. Glowing ones that not only fly but wrap around

each other when needed. Cocoon like softness for times of reflection, of inward resting before the next flight.

Claire Goad says “this place where magic happens” She is right. I do not fear leaving this here, as the magic is

with in me. The love and support I felt I lacked has always been there. I just did not believe it.

I came to Bali to believe. To believe I am ready, I am enough, just the way I am.

I came to Bali for me. Yet I return with in the circle of angels. A bound time will never erase because time is

not linear and we are all connected.

Our circle of angels is wider than we can ever dream of “Women supporting

women” says Claire Goad.

Layers and layers of wings, as each night when we rest our heads on feather pillows, they whisper what we need to know.

The hero’s quest is always circular. We set off on our adventure, always to come home. As Dorothy in the wizard of

Oz found out, all she had to do was tap her heels together. “You mean I could have done this all along” she cries

and of course she could … but … then there would have been no story! “The story starts here … ” is tattooed on

my arm as a reminder that each day, is a new story. My story becomes your story, your story becomes

mine. We overlap, we exist in harmony and chaos. As Komang said “The black and white check on his

sarong meant that, black and white exist side by side. Good and bad, neither winning, each needed. Just equal.”

I think of the black and white wolves of my soul and let them nestle at my feet.

I think it is time for them to have gold wings too and handmade bells around

their necks.

Thank you Bali “Belles” you have each touched my heart in ways you will never



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