Prayer as Meditation

The purpose of prayer is to awaken our inherent inner capacities of strength, compassion and wisdom rather than to petition external forces based on fear, idolizing, and worldly and/or heavenly gain. You might have noticed that prayer is a form of meditation; it is a practice of inner reconditioning. Prayer replaces the negative with the […]

The Heart of Reiki – Music for Meditation

Listening to soothing music that relaxes your body and elevates your mind can significantly reduce how much stress you feel. Relaxation music helps you connect to your inner peace. When you quiet your thoughts and feel your source of peace within, it’s like having a stress-proof field around you. Reducing stress not only makes you […]

Are your chakras out of balance? Reiki can help.

Are your chakras out of balance by Claire goad at

Because of stress in our daily life, imbalances in the mind and body occur. These can show up as physical symptoms, which affect the energy centers (or chakras) of the body. A Reiki master can help people restore and rebalance, because the best way to address physical ailments (those not caused by physical trauma) is through healing the energy […]