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Hi, I am Claire and I am a Qualified Reiki Master and Reflexologist.

My interest in Holistic Health began at a very early age, due to growing up with a mother who was an aromatherapist. I remember being administered various different lotions and natural remedies when I was unwell. I must say, they worked! Despite never really acknowledging it, my mother was a “healer”.

I was very lucky to meet my husband Phil and together we started a family. During the early years of being a mother I studied Reflexology and obtained a diploma in London in 1996.

In the year 2000 my ever expanding family and I embarked on the huge step of emigrating to NZ . I felt a huge pull to live in NZ and have never looked back. I feel extremely fortunate to have raised my family in such a beautiful country.

It was in Auckland that I discovered Wellpark College. Over a period of a few years I studied different modalities in massage therapy. Through massage I started to become aware of “energy”. I was fortunate to meet my Reiki Teacher and friend Uli Brell, who introduced me to Reiki and helped me understand the energy I was experiencing.

At this time I began meditating and have been self taught for 13 years.

Under Uli’s guidance and teaching, I qualified as a Reiki master in 2011 and now have my own practice at home.

I am mother to Sam 21, Em 17and Charlotte 12.

In the process of raising 3 children, moving countries and supporting my husband, I had somehow disconnected from myself. It wasn’t until the children were older and I stopped that I realised this. I was exhausted and had totally given to others at the expense of myself. I had lost my “sense of self”.

With the support of Reiki and meditation I managed to reconnect with myself again. I returned happier, stronger and with a renewed sense of purpose.

I am passionate about my business and the people that I assist and meet along the way. I believe that we are all travelling along this rollercoaster called life and doing the best we can with what we have. Along the way, we may need a little help, support and a soft place to fall. It is my hope and intention that I can provide this for my clients.

The Place in the ways

“Having come to this place

I set out once again

on the dark and marvellous way

from where I began:

belief in the love of the world,

woman, spirit, and man.

Having failed in all things

I enter a new age
seeing the old ways as toys,

the houses of a stage

painted and long forgot;

and I find love and rage.

Rage for the world as it is

but for what it can be

more love now than last year

and always less self-pity

since I know in a clearer light

the strength of the mystery.

And at this place in the ways

I wait for song.

My poem-hand still, on the paper all night long.

Poems in throat and hand, asleep,

and my storm beating strong!”

– Muriel Rukeyser


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.
-Helen Keller


Claire really goes above and beyond…

As soon as walk through the gates of Villa Kanti and down the steps through to where your retreat will begin, you know you are on to something special. Claire really goes above and beyond ensuring her guest have a magical time on the Bali Bliss retreat. This is your time for everything about you. Relaxation, contemplation and setting your intentions. The focus is forgetting about what you’ve left behind and enjoying the here and now, being in the moment. Throw in some cultural trips to temples, shopping…..and more shopping and beautiful food to make any foodies mouth water, both in the villa and out and about in some really funky cafes and restaurants, you really do end up pouting your bottom lip when it’s time to leave. Thank you, Claire and Villa Kanti staff for an amazing experience. Until next time.

– Vanessa Hooper

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